Strep Throat Saga

This week cabin fever has struck more times than once. Monday started off with bang.

Little dude started off complaining of feeling like he was going to throw up and by that afternoon he was running a fever. Every hour after that his temperature kept rising.

I started rotating Tylenol & Motrin and put him in a lukewarm bath with some epsom salts to hopefully bring the fever down. No such luck.  Continue reading

Mini Glam Reviews : Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies / Chocolate Chip


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Hello again my g-free buddies.

Today I will be reviewing Enjoy Life Soft Baked cookies, chocolate chip flavor.

I took out the cookies out of the box and I thought they looked tiny. I thought to myself ‘hey, tiny but mighty!’

As I took my first bite they tasted great! The cookie had an amazing chocolate chip flavor.

One thing I love about these cookies are that they are super soft, which I think is great.

Overall I thought the cookies were fabulous. Super soft & super tasty. If you like Enjoy Life products, this is one to try!


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Till next time my g-free buddies,

Mini Glam

Mini Glam Reviews : Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box to Go / Gluten Free


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Hello my g-free buddies.

Today I will be reviewing Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box To Go! Gluten-Free

When I first opened the box it had a pack of traditional hummus dip and Crunchmaster crackers.

I placed the hummus dip on the crackers and they tasted great!

Then when I tried the hummus separately it tasted good. It had a little kick to it, which I liked.

The crackers plain were delicious. I loved that they were multi-seed.



Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Overall I thought the crackers and hummus tasted great.I will definitely put the hummus on carrots and celery. I will also try the hummus on different crackers. These would also be great for road trips or to bring to a theme park for a quick snack!

Till next time g-free buddies!

Mini Glam

Mini Glam Reviews : Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies / Snickerdoodle


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Hello my g-free buddies!

Today I will be reviewing Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Cookies Snickerdoodle flavor.

When I first pulled the cookies out of the box they looked tiny , but I didn’t care. They looked as if they were rolled in cinnamon.

After I took them out to taste them, they were so good, you could taste the cinnamon right away. They were so soft and easy to eat. So easy to eat you want more than the serving size!


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

The texture was soft and smooth which I thought is a great thing! I give them 10 out of 10 gluten-free stars.

Till next time my g-free buddies,

Mini Glam

Mini Glam Reviews : Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Handcrafted Crunchy Cookies


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Hello gluten-free friends, it has been a while since I have done a review, but I’m back!

Let’s get started.

Today I am going to be reviewing Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Handcrafted Crunchy Cookies.

When I first took the cookies out of the package they looked amazing! Because who doesn’t love chocolate?!

I first tried them & they were full of chocolate , like a lot of it ! Which I really liked.

Now, the texture it was soft but crunchy and you didn’t have to break a tooth just to eat it. That’s a plus.

If you are a chocolate lover like me you will absolutely love these cookies! I recommend you give them a try.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Till next time my g-free buddies,

Mini Glam

To : It Wasn’t Me

To : It Wasn’t Me

From : One peeved Mama

I hear your name at least 50 times a week. 100 on a bad week.

I ask my children who didn’t flush the toilet…it wasn’t me.

I ask my children who spilled the cereal in the pantry & let the dog get ahold of it…it wasn’t me.

I ask my children who didn’t clean up the mess from using the Xbox…it wasn’t me.

I ask my children who left a cup of milk in their room for weeks…it wasn’t me.

I ask my children who spilled an entire water bottle in my van on the carpet & it smells like something has wasn’t me.  Continue reading

How I Can Pay Off Medical Bills While Being A SAHM


How I Can Pay Off Medical Bills While Being A SAHM

As you all know there are tons and tons of scams on the internet promising you all the money in the world just working from home. You can fall victim to it very easily if you don’t do your research.

A couple of months back I read a post on Pinterest and it really motivated me to become a working SAHM. I can still be home, base my work around the kid’s school schedule and be able to take care of them during their breaks, when they get sick etc.

I researched for weeks and weeks. After I would pin something on Pinterest about working at home and the company that offered work, I would write it all down, and then research each company before I signed up for anything.  Continue reading

10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

One of my most favorite day of the week is date night with my Husband. It’s one on one time without interrupting kids, work phone calls, or the phone in general. Seriously, we both put our phones away. The only important people who need to get ahold of us are our sitter we have for the evening, which is usually my Mom. The phone stays behind!

Over the years we have grown to love the simple, cheap and fun date nights. Everyone once in a blue moon we will go all out to get dressed up for a nice dinner date at The Melting Pot, and when I mean once in a blue moon, it’s more like once every 4 years. We just like simple. So here are 10 cheap & fun date night ideas :

  1. At Home Date – Drop the kids of with their sitter & go right back home for a couple of hours of alone time, quiet time, and just time spent at home kid free. I’ve told my Mom several times we’re going out to dinner or a movie, only to come right back home. It’s your alone time, no one said you had to tell your Mom (even as an adult) what you are doing!
  2. Beach At Night – What is better than the beach at night with the love of your life? Grab a bottle of champagne, latte or coffee and go cuddle on the beach.
  3. Couples Date Night – Grab some of your other married friends that are in desperate need of a night out and some adult time. Host something at your house, again dropping the kids off at the sitter, go see a movie, or maybe even some putt-putt golf!
  4. One Night Getaway – This one is my personal favorite. Just that one afternoon, evening and overnight away does wonders for not only Mama’s sanity but it helps you reconnect with your spouse. We love to stay at any of the Universal Orlando resorts because everything is right there, the bus or water taxi takes you to City Walk and back. Doesn’t get any easier than that. You can save up over time for this one, stuff away a little each paycheck!
  5. Kayaking At Sunset – Super romantic right? As long as someone doesn’t tip the kayak, you should be golden! Check out Groupon for awesome savings. One 2-hour kayak session sometimes equals what you would pay for going out to dinner. But kayaking is something different and fun to do together! Just don’t tip the kayak…
  6. Couples Massage – Again this is another one where you can check out Groupon for some amazing deals on a couples massage. They had a special for Valentine’s Day at a local massage place that was $50 for a 1-hour couples massage with wine.
  7. Blueberry/Strawberry Picking – I usually take the kids, but who says you can’t turn this into a day date?! Picking fresh fruit off of a farm is usually much cheaper than the grocery store.
  8. Nature Walk – Where we live in Florida there is a wildlife sanctuary that has about 4-5 different trails that are all different distances. When the weather is perfect & the heat isn’t crazy it is so peaceful and calming to walk those trails. Plus it’s free!
  9. Matinee Movie – 9 times out of 10 we usually make sure we see a movie around 4pm.  We buy our own candy and the dollar store & sneak it in (Oh, I’m so bad!) & usually just get drinks. You all know how quickly a movie can go from to cheap to expensive.
  10. Dinner or dessert At Home  – Another personal favorite of mine. It is simple but yet so enjoyable. Be it dinner or dessert or both, you can’t beat this one. No one to tip, no worrying about cross contamination with your gluten-free food, AND you can wear your pajamas! 😉

What are your favorite date nights? What was your best date night you or your spouse planned?


Fancy Valentine’s Day Dinner


Let’s rewind back to February 2012. My Husband and I wanted to go out to dinner for Valentine’s  Day, but we couldn’t find a sitter, or a place that was safe for me to eat. We said forget all of that why not do a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner at home! I would cook a safe dinner, everyone would dress up fancy, we can enjoy being at home and not among the chaos.

That’s what we have done for the past 4 years. One year Hubby worked at the Fire Department for Valentine’s Day but I continued our tradition on with the kids. They have really grown to love this simple yet fun idea and look forward to it weeks in advance. Between planning their own menu, the decor (which we slacked on this year, no big deal), and getting dressed up they love our fancy dinner.

This year I started off with a MUCH needed drink. I honestly just threw together whatever I had on hand which was Sprite Zero, grenadine, a splash of Malibu coconut rum & peach schnapps. I lined the rim with red sugar sprinkles which turned out to taste horrible and not like sugar. I obviously did not give this to my kids, they got Shirley Temples!


Dinner was nice and simple. Steak, shrimp, heart-shaped baked potatoes and bacon roses. Which as you can see do not look like roses, I forgot the skewers at the store. But no one complained of course because, bacon.


Our dessert was gluten-free red velvet cake. I love the fact that I put beets in this cake and everyone still eats it! Cake with some sneaky veggies in there!


I must admit we did not dress up this year. Yes, it defeats the whole fancy part of the dinner BUT honestly after a long day all of us had and me with my persistent gallbladder pain, I did not feel like slipping into a dress. I just wanted to be comfortable when I ate. The kids and Hubby were on board thank goodness.

We enjoyed our meal, our delicious cake, giving our homemade Valentines to each other and giving my Husband his goodie bag. It was a nice, simple, cheap, and relaxing night at home. Followed by a GREAT season premiere of The Walking Dead!

What traditions do you have for Valentines Day?


Why I enjoy blogging (the second time around)

When I first became Glam Without Gluten in 2012, my entire blog was related to celiac disease. I often put too much pressure on myself with every social media outlet I had, which lead to a burn out and I walked away from it all. I didn’t need to justify my reasons to anyone but myself. It just simply wasn’t making me happy anymore.

This time around it’s totally different. One night I thought you know what why not start blogging again. But with a new approach :

  • I won’t limit myself to just talking about my chronic illnesses. I limited myself with my previous blog only talking about Celiac Disease. There’s more to me than being gluten-free.
  • I won’t put pressure on myself to have so many blog posts in a week or a month for that matter. If I have an idea, great. If not, no sleep lost.
  • I will blog about all aspects of my life. I refuse to let Celiac define me and quite frankly I didn’t want to be a Celiac advocate again.
  • If it no longer becomes fun, then I leave it. That simple.
  • Only work on my blog when the kids are at school or doing homework. Never work on it at night, my mind is mush at that time anyway.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I don’t have any blog post ideas. It happens. Life doesn’t mean it’s ending because of it.
  • Just be me. Write in the moment.

Small simple little things this time around. I am in no competition with anyone, and I wasn’t before. This approach has made it much more enjoyable for myself. I’ve actually found it quite therapeutic on my bad days.

If you blog why did you get started? What is your favorite thing about blogging?




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