Hello Internet….

After almost 3 years (or was it 2?) of being a retired blogger, I have decided to come back to blogging for several reasons :

One – I actually missed blogging. Never thought I would say those words but there, I said it.

Two – I have had a decline in my health recently and after being in hermit mode for quite some time, I am ready to share my story and use this blog as a way of dealing with my new diagnoses. The good and the bad, never filtered or fake, always raw & real, same goes for my Instagram. (glamwogluten – oddly enough my former user name was taken so I am the one and only original glamwithoutgluten) 😉

Three – there is more to me than being gluten free. Before I would only blog about living gluten-free and skipped over everything else that made me who I am. First and foremost being a Wife & Mommy. I limited myself to just one topic and often felt stuck as I did not know what to blog about because even though I do have Celiac, that is not the only thing that defines me as a person. I look forward to blogging about all puzzle pieces of my life that make me Chrissy.

If you are new Hi, Hello & Welcome! If you aren’t new, I am glad to have you back and can’t wait to connect with all of you again!

*Disclaimer early on* My grammar, punctuation and spelling will suck. Fair warning. But I’m not looking to win any awards & I am certainly not perfect. So there’s that.




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