Weekly GF grocery shopping

Since I was diagnosed in 2008 with Celiac Disease grocery shopping at first was hard to navigate. I used to stand in the isles just frozen not knowing what I needed, reading label after label just wanting to cry, and truly missing the convenience of shopping prior to my diagnosis.

Fast forward to 2015 and grocery shopping is just like it was before. This is my new normal.

I have a nice little system down when I grocery shop. First I made a Google Drive document and made two lists for the two stores that I shop at each week which are Aldi & Publix. I went into my pantry, cabinets, freezer and fridge to take inventory of what we always have/need on hand. (Our house is 100% gluten-free) Each Sunday I go on my list & color in yellow  what I need from our normal supply and then added what new items I needed after I make our 7 day weekly dinner menu along with make ahead breakfast items from my two favorite cook books : Gluten-Free On A Budget & The Healthy Gluten Free Life . My list is nice and organized and I no longer feel lost and helpless in the isles of every grocery store. Monday morning I print my list and I am ready to go!

Aldi is my #1 pick for grocery shopping for several  reasons. They have a fantastic certified gluten-free line called Life G-Free and it’s not crazy expensive when it comes to gluten-free foods. My favorite part of Aldi is the special buys in May during Celiac Awareness Month when they roll out so many amazing gluten-free products for just that month. I hoard most if not all of their products since we are a family of 5 and my house is 100% gluten-free. They had a special buy of gluten-free vanilla & chocolate animal crackers recently and I waited till they went on sale. $1 a box. I bought 15 boxes. No joke.

Publix is my #2 store I shop at. I typically just have a handful of items I get from there. If you have ever been to Publix you know how pricey it can tend to be sometimes, so I try to buy everything I need each week at Aldi, this way I don’t have to pay an arm & a leg at Publix. My staples items there are Boars Head yellow American cheese that my little dude eats every day for his school lunch & my fresh pressed juices by Lakewood Organic (it has been my go to juice since my gastroparesis diagnosis).

I highly recommend making a list on Google Drive, it has been a lifesaver and now apart of my weekly grocery shopping ritual. After your Celiac diagnosis you just have to find a new normal, it does get better I can promise you that. 6 years into my diagnosis and grocery shopping is easy as gluten-free pie.

What are your favorite stores to shop and save on gluten-free items? If you shop at Aldi what is your favorite gluten-free item?


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