Review : Gluten-Free Krusty Burger at Universal Orlando

Missing a good burger? A good gluten-free burger that is of course! Look no further, Krusty Burger is here!

Inside these two pink doors is the most delicious gluten-free burger in all of the gluten-free land. No, really, it IS that good.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

We went to Universal Orlando on a Thursday evening during Grinchmas. When it was time for dinner we made sure to go eat while the Macy’s parade was still in session to avoid the crowds at Krusty Burger.  As you can see when we went it was dead.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

After walking in through Moe’s you will see a queue line that may or may not be crowded. The days that it is, you will have to wait in this line and then the employees will allow so many guest to go in to each of the different  food services areas at a time. (Note: The only food service area that serves gluten-free items is the Krusty Burger) They have a great system down so it is not complete mayhem. As you look to your left walking out of Moe’s you will see the Krusty Burger sign, that is where you want to go.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

When you go to place your order you tell them the amount of gluten-free Krusty Burgers that you would like and that employee will then yell  “gluten-free” back to the chef and that same employee  takes off their gloves, washes their hands, and waits for the chef to come back with the steamed gluten-free burger bun.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

The gluten-free Krusty Burger ONLY comes with tater tots which are cooked in a dedicated fryer. They do have curly fries but they will tell you they are not gluten-free.



Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

Once your order comes out they ask if you would like any lettuce or tomato and you may ask for fresh lettuce and tomato that has not been in the same area as where the gluten burgers are and that other employees touched with their little gluten hands. The one thing I love about the employees is that they never seem put off or irritated when we ask for specific things to be done with our order. They do it with a smile, and that means more to a celiac than they will ever know.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

Behold, a gluten-free Krusty Burger with tater tots! Myself and mini glam (who is also gluten-free) have eaten here several times and we have never got sick. Universal has amazing protocols in place for those that are gluten-free. The burger is tasty, it isn’t dry, no holes, it doesn’t fall apart and the patty tastes pretty darn good as well. Not greasy at all! They do provide packets of ketchup or mayo so there is again no risk for cross contamination. During this particular visit I was only able to stomach a couple tots and a bite of my burger due to my gastroparesis.

I highly recommend Krusty Burger when you visit Universal Orlando. If you have come to Universal Orlando what other fabulous gluten-free foods did you find?

  • This review took place December 2015. These opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post or for the food that I reviewed. 

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