My hopes for you in 2016

2016 New Year celebration display with the date outlined with fiery sparklers in green and blue on a black background

My hopes you for in 2016 :

  • I hope that you love with all that you have, never let a single day go by without telling those in your life that you love their faces off.
  • I hope that you learn that’s it’s ok to say ‘No’ when someone asks you to do something, and not feel guilty about it.
  • I hope you learn that those who talk about you are just trying to pick apart your life because they are unhappy in theirs.
  • I hope you have random days where you just say to hell with it all and go somewhere fun. Live in the moment.
  • I hope that your health gets better or you finally find the answers you are looking for regarding your health and that you can move forward with a plan!
  • I hope that you ALWAYS make date nights for you and your Husband. No matter how tired both of you are, no matter how much you don’t want to leave the baby or kids at home, and no matter how much Mom guilt you feel, DO IT ANYWAY! Your spouse came before your kids and will be there after all of your kids are grown up and have moved out.
  • I hope that you go to bed every night with a smile on your face. May I suggest Pinterest & search for Auto Correct Fails. It gets me in the giggle box every time I need a good laugh.
  • I hope that you learn to go in public without makeup on. Not everyone has a glam team behind them, this isn’t Hollywood, and paparazzi won’t be following you around. It will be ok, I promise.
  • I hope that you learn something new that you always wanted to try but were always afraid to do it. Let go and live. 
  • I hope that you know its ok to be mad, sad, angry, & pissed off as a parent but know these day’s won’t last forever.
  • I hope that you stop apologizing for being sick. Did you pick these chronic illnesses? No! Don’t apologize for something that was beyond your control in the first place.
  • I hope that you always make time for yourself. Being a Mother is challenging and one of the toughest jobs a woman can have, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your time to your little angels. Go get a pedicure, manicure, sit at the beach or park and just be in the moment enjoying the peace and quiet, grab a friend to go walk & talk or grab a coffee/tea.
  • I hope that you set aside time to shower in peace, your Husband can, so you deserve it too!
  • I hope that Zofran and Phenergan help you on your worst days, maybe even some Tummy Drops or ginger chews and a nice heating pad.
  • I hope that when you are in a horrible mood in the van you turn on some music that made you feel alive. Turn that radio up, sing to the top of your lungs, and get your jam session on in that van!! No shame ladies, NO shame!! (Wave hello & smile to those who stare)
  • I hope that during family events the same family members stop asking you why you aren’t eating or are eating out of a Hello Kitty lunch box after all these years (decades even) you have already explained to them that you have Celiac Disease.
  • I hope that you stop comparing yourself to other women who are in Hollywood who you think are prefect and feel like you need to look just like them. It is all smoke and mirrors & you don’t know how they truly feel about themselves.
  • I hope that you stop comparing yourself to women on Instagram. Tell yourself that you ARE enough! Stop comparing yourself to strangers.
  • I hope that fireworks only happen during actual holidays and not on random nights at 11pm and you think there were several shots fired.
  • I hope that when your gastroparesis is a jerk, you listen to your body and rest. Don’t fight it.
  • I hope that you take a family vacation that you have been putting off for so long.
  • I hope that you pay it forward. In the world we live in now, something so little can mean so much to just one person.
  • I hope that the baby food & liquid diet you are on doesn’t last forever, but is tasty! Popsicles included!!
  • I hope that you don’t beat yourself up about your New Years resolutions if you fail in the first week, or month. You’re human. Brush it off and move forward.
  • I hope that if you are raising a teenager, may the odds be ever in your favor.
  • I hope that you learn your house with children will never be perfectly clean, your true friends won’t care, because their house looks exactly the same as yours and they don’t judge you!
  • I hope that you learn it’s ok to outgrow someone or cut ties with them because they are toxic to you, this is your life, not theirs.
  • And last but not least, I hope you stick around here at Glam Without Gluten, I’m just getting started 😉




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