Case of the Mom Monday’s

Is that a thing? If it’s not I vote that it should be.

We’ve all heard of people having a case of the Monday’s. But not a Case of the Mom Monday’s. Yesterday I had one of those days. I am not bitching, whining or complaining by the way – I am sharing what life IS like being a Mother. I don’t sugar coat shit to make Motherhood seem like bliss & rainbows from day one. Not my style.

Yesterday morning my son wet the bed. He is 6. We’ve seen the pediatrician for it and apparently it’s normal in boys. Something I never knew because before him we had our two girls and after potty training the girls, accidents never happened. He woke my Husband up (even after I tell him time and time again NOT to wake Daddy up, wake Mommy up), he had to shower, Hubby changed the sheets and then ran the washer at 5am, I am still trying to figure out why he did when I always tell him to wait till morning and I will clean the tinkle sheets. It’s in my job description. 

Before my Husband left for work, my son was awake and wanted breakfast. I wasn’t up yet.  I guess my Husband told my son no to breakfast, which caused him to have a full meltdown, and he ended up screaming & crying which woke me up of course. I thought what in the actual F is going on right now?!? My Husband said the word no. (Asshole parent)

We have a chiweenie who is just over a year old. She is the apple of my eye and I love her to the moon and back. I never thought I would be THAT person who feels that way about their dog, but I do. I adore her. I let her and our other dog out to potty this morning. She was barking and flipping out even before I opened the screen door. I let her out and she starts growling and whining at the grass, apparently it was being an asshole as well. For 10 mins I stood there telling her to stop barking and go potty 100 times. She never went. But she did eat some grass and then barfed twice. I let her in on the porch in case she felt the need to hurl again or tinkle since she felt the grass was attacking her and being an a-hole. I’ve had my share of cleaning up barf, puppy poop & tinkles to last a lifetime. I let her back out 30 mins later and she finally tinkled. Seems like no big deal dealing with a stubborn dog, but when you are the only parent home you know what its like to juggle a million things at once and try to make everyone happy.

I got my son his breakfast and then grabbed myself tea because my middle one said she wasn’t hungry. No big deal. I sat down to have my tea and check my phone for the latest local news. Some time passed and then I heard my middle one  gasp and she came running to me. She burnt herself with bacon grease cooking bacon in the microwave.

Before you judge me, she is 9. She makes her breakfast quite often as she is very independent and likes her breakfast her way. I don’t blame the girl either. Typically she makes turkey bacon but we were out, so for the past couple days she has safely made bacon in the microwave with no help or injuries. I quickly got her in the shower to let the cool water run over the burn to stop the burn process. She sobbed the entire time and I felt horrible Mom guilt & my heart broke into a million pieces because you never want to see your child cry, let alone when they are in pain. After she got out I just sat and held her while apologizing a million times.

I told all 3 kids to get dressed and we went to see my Husband who works part-time at a urgent care clinic as a paramedic. Daddy to the rescue! He fixed her up and I am sure his extra hugs and kisses helped too. I quietly cried on the way home because the look she gave him with the tears just broke my heart again.

For the day we planned on going clothes shopping with the kids Christmas money with my Mom. I drove half way to Ross and realized that I was supposed to pick my Mom up after she text me and said “I’m here ready”. With all the madness of the morning I forgot and turned around to get her.

My trio had their typical sibling fights while we were out. My 13 year old was more moody than usual. Raising a teenager is like raising a brick wall, nothing sinks in. Everything I did or said there was an issue. Saying no to her when she asked for a $50 jacket was apparently not the right answer. (Asshole parent, again) It just baffles me that my kids are shocked when they hear the word no, because they hear it quite often. They just choose not to accept it.

I tried rushing every store we went to since my little lady was in pain from her burn. Then my son became hungry, which turned into hangry Hulk mode in 2 seconds. I got him a pretzel at Target to share with my oldest (those two aren’t gluten-free, just my middle one and myself). He wanted the popcorn I got to share with my little lady and again I said no to him because he wanted both the popcorn & the pretzel. You can guess how well that went over. I rushed our Target trip because at that point I was done. When a Mom says she is done, she means THAT IS IT!  I just wanted to rush the rest of my Target trip & go home. When I got home I forgot about 2 or 3 things I really needed for littles dudes lunch for school the next day. I forgot cheese for his sandwich & tears started flowing. I can do no right by this child anymore I swear. Actually all 3 of them lately…

The evening went over quite smoothly. Thank goodness! I ended my day with a nice glass of wine. I felt that I earned that glass of wine! I rarely drink, maybe 1 or 2 drinks a month. (I’m such a boring Betty, I know) So when I pour the wine it means Mama has had a day!!!

Have you had a Case of the Mom Monday’s lately? What did your little ones not handle too well?


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4 thoughts on “Case of the Mom Monday’s

  1. breannamcawesome says:

    I only have one little toddler and I feel overwhelmed with his constant unhappiness today! I can’t imagine three older children. Props to you, Mama! Just remember these aren’t the days they’ll really remember (well, except for the burn. But she won’t remember it as your fault I’m sure!)

  2. pypesnbella says:

    Sounds to me like you handled it quite well 🙂 …I would have probably called it quits much earlier in the day and had multiple glasses of wine! My Mondays are a tad bit less chaotic just juggling our soon to be one year old and our jumbo pup, nonetheless Mom Mondays are a drag. Loved reading, thanks for sharing 🙂

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