How I became Glam Without Gluten

Chances are when you read or hear someone say “Glam Without Gluten” your first thought is wow she must really be into herself & holy shit she’s so narcissistic (Or you don’t think anything at all and could really give two hoots who the hell I am)  I am quite the opposite of being really into myself & a narcissistic little biotch. I’m extremely self conscious and doubt my makeup choices sometimes.

In 2008, the same year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was working as a medical assistant at a local OB/GYN office. One day in the office a drug rep brought in bagels/donuts for the entire office. I of course could not have any. I just puckered out my bottom lip and had a small pity party for myself when my co-worker at the time looked at me and said “It’s Ok Chrissy! Don’t you worry girl you will always be glam without gluten”.  

Fast forward to March 2012. I had decided that I wanted to start a blog and YouTube channel about Celiac Disease. I went back and forth with a name for my blog/YouTube until I remembered what my former co-worker said about me being glam without gluten and that my friends is how I became Glam Without Gluten.

The first time I blogged it was all about Celiac Disease, being an advocate in the online gluten-free community, having my own closed FB group so no other Celiac would every have to feel alone again,  educating others so that they didn’t have to suffer without a diagnosis for long like I did and of course making YouTube videos. I am still on the fence about making YouTube videos again. After one of my videos went viral last year, I realized how brutal the internet can be. But I do have thicker skin because of it.

This time around when I decided I wanted to blog again I took a new approach. There is more to me than just being gluten-free so I thought you know what I am going to blog about whatever the hell I want to!! It’s MY blog anyway. My first go around I got burnt out and frankly got sick of talking about celiac disease, gluten-free, cross contamination and diarrhea all the time.  I walked away from it. If it doesn’t make you happy, then it’s not worth your time. It’s NOT worth the stress, trust me on that one.

I can’t really remember why I wanted to become Glam Without Gluten again. I think I was just sitting here one day and was like you know what, I want to blog again. Given my current health issues with gastroparesis and EOE, I thought I had more to share. Almost use the blog as a form of therapy on how I feel living with these new diagnoses. On top of being a Wife, Mother, SAHM,and more. If it doesn’t work out so be it, it wasn’t meant to be. Again, not stressing it this time. Blogging should be fun!!! That’s the approach I am taking this time. 🙂

Luckily there is an upcoming gluten-free expo here in Florida in St.Pete in March. One I have attended before back in 2013. This time I am bringing mini glam with me since she is gluten-free. The girl loves food just as much as me. Given my current food restrictions I figured she could prove useful in the taste testing department for products I am not able to try to get her honest opinion about them. I even told her I would let her blog or rather I would just write what she says. She attended another gluten-free expo with me in Orlando April of 2014 and enjoyed herself so much, I think more so because people recognized her as mini glam & she LOVED the attention (actress in the making) and all of the food she got to sample. She eagerly awaits the upcoming Gluten-Free for Life Expo in March.

Some days I have blog post topics that I write down and then either write & post it, write & save it as a draft or nix the topic all together. I just write from the heart. Whether it’s gluten-free, Motherhood, being a firefighters wife or just writing to write & get my feelings out, this is what Glam Without Gluten is about.

I sure hope you do stick around & I look forward to getting to know all of my readers again 🙂 ❤ – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices


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