How To Have A Mom’s Night Out (And Enjoy It)

How To Have A-2

Chances are you are due, or rather overdue for a Mom’s Night Out. Your Husband has had several man dates over the last couple months and you just want to escape to have some much-needed girl time!

Leaving your littles is no easy task, as you ladies know. Mom guilt sets in. You question writing a detailed list for your Husband on each child on what they do, what they need, and where the extra baby wipes are in the house. Then you tell (convince) yourself that no, you really don’t need to go out the kids need you more than your friends do, you’ll be content on the couch , you don’t have anything to wear, and you tell yourself you are just too tired to go. Sound familiar?

PUMP THOSE BREAKS GIRL!! Contrary to what you may think, feel or believe, you DO deserve a night out. All Mom & Dads do!

Here’s a couple of steps to help you plan just a simple night out with your friend(s) :

  • If you are the Mom of older littles let your Mommy friend who has a baby at home pick the time you go out. Don’t make her stress about getting home late after the babies night-time routine, to make her plan out pumping, bottles, nursing, or writing a list for her Husband so he doesn’t have a meltdown. This is supposed to be a nice FUN night out, not stressful. Let her pick the time that works best for her.
  • Don’t ask your Husband to watch the kids, they are 50% his too! Rather ask if he has plans on such and such night, if not,  ask if he minds that you go out for a little bit with your girlfriend? Then remind him over and over until said date, men will and do forget! Even if its written on the calendar.
  • Drop the Mom guilt. My kiddos are 13, 9 and 6. It has taken me so long to drop the Mom guilt at the door when I leave or heck even before I get out of the house. Stick to your guns, you need this night out. Even if it’s for an hour or two.
  • Keep it simple. Pick a local place to go out for dinner or World of Beer just to have a glass (or two) of wine. It doesn’t have to be some fancy over the top dinner and you don’t have to travel an hour or so to do it.
  • If you are going out to eat, offering your Husband some food to-go might sweeten the deal on his end. 😉
  • Don’t get upset if your friend is running late. If you have kids, you will be late. As hard as you try to be on time. Just remember you have been in her shoes before too with a baby at home. Patience my dear, patience. 
  • If evening time doesn’t work for you, then try for a day date. Just sitting at a local coffee shop for an hour or two to de-stress works wonders for a Mom! Maybe even a nice mani/pedi? Or a walk on the beach!
  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy your friends company!! Stop looking at your phone, put it away! Your friend(s) came to hang out with you, not you and all of social media. Times like this, cherish them, laugh so hard your face & stomach hurt, and until you have tears coming down your face.

I know as a Mommy it’s hard to leave your littles. As mine have grown older it has become easier for me to leave them. Maybe because I have a teenage girl, a 9-year-old with hormones that are making her cry at the littlest of things, or my 6-year-old son who lately just wants my Husband & wants nothing to do with me.

Ladies, you DO matter. Being a Mom is hard work, being a working Mom is hard work, being a SAHM is hard work. Why not reward yourself for all of your hard work with a night out with your other Mommy friend who is in need a night out too?!
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