Mini Glam Reviews Gluten-Free Foods, From A Child’s POV

Over the weekend I thought about adding something new to the blog allowing mini glam to be apart of it! I thought you know what ,getting a child’s opinion on certain gluten-free foods would be something different and fun! 

Since mini glam, at 9 years old, has Celiac as well, I thought why not let her review some gluten-free foods for the blog. This past Saturday her and I went out in search of ‘research’ as we called it. She will do the talking, I do the typing 🙂

Hello world, it’s me mini glam. I thought I would share with you my opinion on these amazing crackers that I found this past Saturday.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I have never tried the Gratify gluten-free brand before. When I was searching the isles for new gluten-free foods, this box caught my eye. The jeans are what actually caught my eye first, then the crackers. I thought what do jeans have do to with crackers. There were two flavors available : Tuscan herb & everything.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I chose the Tuscan herb flavor because the way the packaging looked. I thought all the flavors would come together with all of the different spices in the cracker.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I looked on the back of the box, I saw the crackers dipped in tomato sauce so it made me think how it would taste dipped in the tomato sauce or with cheese on top.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

After we got home I decided to grab some cheese squares and experiment. The cracker itself almost tasted like a gluten filled breadstick, but it’s not. It is very flavorful. You can taste all the spices together which are pretty amazing.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I first looked at the cracker on the box I thought the size of the cracker was going to be pretty small. But, when I took them out of the box they were pretty big!

These crackers will go great with tomato soup. Which is my favorite! They will also make a great snack during the day. I love my cheese & gluten-free crackers!

If I were to rate the crackers from 1-10, I would rate it a 10 because it is full of flavor(s), the crackers aren’t dry, and for the first time trying the Gratify brand I think it tastes amazing.

Gratify gluten-free crackers were found at a local health food store in Florida. 

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