Petri Dish Kids


So many germs!!

Germs are everywhere. You can’t escape them, as much as I want to put myself and my kids inside a bubble so we never get sick again, that’s just impossible & absurd. It would be nice though.

This past week our house got a virus. Mini Glam and my Husband were the only two immune. (damn them) My oldest first started out, followed by my son, and then myself. You KNOW that feeling when you are getting sick. It either starts off with a sore throat, a tickle in your throat, or that weird sensation in your nose. I went to bed with a sore throat and was like son of a beach ball. NO! Ain’t no Mama got time to be sick, because we don’t get sick days.

Now this year little dude has started Kindergarten. That means germ city! Each child is a little petri dish. I swear to you! It is almost February and he’s been sick over 7 times now. He even got the flu the second month of school. If you have kids you know that when they start school they have to get sick in order to become immune to other viruses. It’s like a right of passage. Welcome to school, here is 1,000 germs for the year, God speed. 

This virus came and went pretty quick with myself and my oldest. Little dude is still hanging on to it. Mind you it has also been cold in Florida, so he’s quite literally a snot nose kid. I even bought the Boogie Wipes for babies for his little face to take to school since of course Mama isn’t there all day to wipe is snotty little face.

We attempted Sea World on Sunday. The coldest day of the year here in Florida so far this ‘winter’. Our girls had annual passes my Mom bought for them, my Husband and I got in free, and so we would just have to pay for little dudes ticket and his was 50% off. We thought why not, let’s go! In theory it sounded like a fabulous family day at Sea World. It was of course the total opposite. Because, Mom life.

When we first got there I noticed little dude wasn’t as stoked as he normally is when we go to a theme park. He is always our tour guide. He grabs the map and tells us where everything is and where we need to go first. He did no such thing this time. I thought ok maybe he is just cold and is too frozen to pick up a map. We got in line for the new penguin encounter ride and he asked my Husband to pick him up. He never wants to be held. Mom guilt immediately set in. I felt horrible for bringing him to the park when it was cold and he still wasn’t over his cold.

After the penguin encounter (which is so adorable) my son kind of had that look. You Mama’s know the look kids have when they are sick, but don’t want to tell you they are, because they really want to be doing something else. I bent down to him and asked him what was wrong and he said his throat hurt. I popped out my medicine bag and gave him some Tylenol and threw in a mint & Smartie’s for extra Mom points. I told my Husband we should just go, it’s not worth dragging him around the park when the girls have been here several times in the past year. He agreed. Little dude had one request though before we left, to see ‘shampoo’ (Shamu).

We sat in the rather empty Shamu show & my son was so entertained he laid down on my backpack. After that we headed to Starbucks for hot chocolate to warm us up and be on our way. That Mom guilt kept creeping back up. I kept telling myself in my head I should have just let my Husband take the girls, or I could have taken the girls, and this way little dude could have stayed home. As I was thinking all of this, he told us that he loved Sea World because he got to come with his family. In that moment it was worth it ALL. Did I still feel bad? SO much so. But, despite him feeling like poo ca-ca, he loved the fact that we were there as a family.

He’s finally on the mend. Today is his 100th day in Kindergarten and I volunteered to help out with today’s activities. I will be there armed with hand sanitizer as we all know how clingy kindergarteners are. I will be ready to fight off the tiny human petri dishes, so that I can spare my family more germs for the time being. Ah, who am I kidding, everyone gets sick all year long…we are no exception. 


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