Expectation Vs. Reality Of A Viral Video


Screenshot taken by Glam Without Gluten via Facebook

Last November I had a video that went viral. It was the most unusual experience of my life to say the least. One night several friends & family texted both my Husband and I saying that my video was all over Facebook. I was confused because I had put the video up 2 years before and had no idea why then it went viral. I still to this day don’t understand how a viral video happens. It just does. Then the next thing you know Nicki Minaj is posting it on her Facebook page and you fall out of your chair when you see that because it is a very surreal experience.

Here are some things of expectations vs. reality of a viral video :

  • Ellen doesn’t automatically call you. Neither does local or national news stations.
  • You will not be recognized in public. We have been to Universal, Disney and Sea World since our video has gone viral, and not one person has looked at us and has said “OMG, you guys are the one with the viral video”.
  • Your family has no idea what a viral video means and will tell you that you won’t get your 15 minutes of fame. For the record, I never wanted my 15 minutes of fame, that’s not who I am.
  • People think you will make tons of money from one viral video. I’m not Jenna Marbles. I don’t have 15 million subscribers on my channel and don’t make videos weekly that get 1-2 million views per week. If I did, then my financial situation would be a wee bit different.
  • Not everyone will have lovely comments to say about your video. Luckily I have thick skin. The amount of negativity that comes from a completely harmless video still astonishes me. I was even blamed  for someone being single.
  • Facebook views far exceed those of YouTube (approx. 100M views to date on Facebook combined from all the pages who shared the video) and Facebook reaps the financial gain on that one. Nice, isn’t it?
  • I didn’t ‘fake’ my reaction or my Husbands reaction in the video. I simply set up the video camera to capture it for friends and family. I hadz zero intentions of it ever going viral, because again I have no clue how in the heck to do that in the first place.
  • Local newspapers won’t be emailing you or knocking down your door.
  • People will pick apart every other video that you have posted on YouTube. Harmless videos that are meant to help people with Celiac Disease, turns into me being a bitch? I forgot that the whole internet knew me personally. That’s right they don’t.
  • Your Husbands co-workers will see all of your other YouTube videos and at work parties people will say to you ‘I saw your video on the internet and loved it’ automatically making others whip their head around so quick because they instantly think you pulled a Kim K. & Ray J.
  • One of your children will be upset that they were not called to go on Ellen or any other talk show, because SHE wanted her 15 minutes of fame. I then tell her to graduate high school then focus on becoming an actress if she so choses 9 years from now.
  • Stupid comments make the best reading material at night that gets you right in your giggle box.

In the end you relish in the fact that Nicki Minaj saw your video ( I would have preferred Channing Tatum), enjoy the little bit of attention & confusion you got from family & friends, celebrate 10 years of marriage (this past June), and you move on…to plot another viral video. Chrissy


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