Mom Therapy

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went out for a day of retail therapy/Mom’s day out. It was much-needed on both our ends. She has a 4 month old at home and hasn’t been out with friends since her baby was born and I just had one of those weeks where everything just didn’t go right. Both of us said screw it let’s just leave and get out of the county!

As I have mentioned before Mom guilt can get you bad. Yesterday we both left it at the door in order for us to have a great day together. We said this is OUR day!! 

We veered down to the Vero Beach outlets for some shopping. A little back story (I’ll make it short I promise) I have always bought purses from Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for $20. They work for me. But lately I am buying new purses every 6 months or less it seems because those purses are breaking. Yes, I’m fully aware you get what you pay for, but again I’m simple and have only once ever bought a designer purse for myself 12 years ago. I got fed up with the last purse I bought not even 5 months ago already ripping & breaking. I said I’ll invest in a good quality leather purse from Coach or Dooney & Bourke that I know will last me years. My last Dooney I took good care of it and it lasted 10 years!! That was my mission yesterday to go the Coach and Dooney outlet for a discounted purse. (I succeeded in my mission & found a beautiful Dooney!)

While we were there for my purse we decided to try on some clothes, she needed new clothes that weren’t maternity clothes and I am of course still dropping weight from the  gastroparesis and my jeans were getting baggy again, so who was I to argue about trying on some fabulous jeans. Ladies, let me tell you. If you are in need of a great workout, grab a friend that is the same size as you, go to the store, grab 10+ pairs of jeans, and go try yours on & hers. Best workout ever. I kid you not. Both of us were burning up by the time we were done trying those jeans on. The Jean Fix workout could possibly be a new thing for 2016!

It was so nice to just get out of my typical routine for a day, laugh & have fun with a good friend, and just be stress free. We all need those days, even if you try to tell yourself you don’t need a day, you do. When Mama is nice & relaxed and recharged, it makes a world of difference. My Husband can fully vouch for that one.

Too often we as Mothers deny ourselves simple things, even an hour or two out of the house alone, because we feel that our spouses or sitter simply can’t handle the kids as we do. So we are hesitant to leave in fear that when we return all hell will have broken loose. Majority of the time that never happens. Mom makes it back in one piece, Dad or sitter and kids are alive and well. Everyone made it out just fine. As hard as it was to leave, it was worth it to regain some sanity, have adult interaction/girl time, and of course shop!

Ladies, if you are in need of a day out, hour out, even 30 minutes out, PLEASE allow yourself that time. Don’t listen to the person inside your head telling you no don’t leave the kids or the baby. Ignore it & just go. If I would have listened to that person yesterday I wouldn’t have had the most amazing day out with my friend shopping & unwinding. My gastroparesis was even acting up and I felt nauseated most of the day, but I kept on trucking, I am not going to let this disease own me.

My friend and I are already planning another trip in two weeks, it was that fun! It doesn’t have to be shopping, it can be a trip to the beach, or even walking around a mall to window shop. You DO deserve it after you all you do for your kid’s and your spouse.




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