Gastroparesis, please stop…

Since this past Friday my gastroparesis has been acting like a damn fool. Friday when I went shopping I just sucked it up and dealt with it. Then over the weekend it just wouldn’t subside. Come Sunday my gallbladder decided to join the show and I was in so much pain I just laid on the couch crying. Same thing last night with the gallbladder pain in addition to the nausea from the gastroparesis. This time I caved and took a pain pill which I reserve for when I need to call Uncle & can no longer take the pain.

I had a consult with the surgeon months back, taking my non-functioning gallbladder out would not be in my cards. One because I have Celiac and two because of the gastroparesis. Right off the bat it just didn’t look good for me. Given that some patients have problems after they have their gallbladder removed anyway, I would likely be that patient to have more problems than I had before. I 100% trust the surgeon because when I used to work for a local OB/GYN we would refer our patients to him, and the Doctor I used to work for trusted his judgment. When it came time to see him I knew that he would have my best interest at heart and not just go jumping in to take my gallbladder out. He looked at all possible aspects and we both decided that taking it out was a no go. I respect his decision & understand, I just don’t like it. Mostly because well, the pain I deal with from it. 

As my gastroparesis and gallbladder both have carried on the past two days I have rested when I can on the couch. I’ve watched more than enough Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes than I care to admit. The show is like an accident on the side of the road, you can’t help but look.

I start to go a little crazy when I am confined to the couch and in pain. I look to comedy for relief. It’s how I roll. I have used Snapchat for my own entertainment and then found the best app in the world for 99 cents called Face Swap Live. It is the best 99 cents I have ever spent in my life.

When I get in these “episodes” everyone always says to just eat, or try this, do that, call your gastro, go to the ER. No. Just no. I am doing what I know is best for my body and my situation. Eating will not make it better!!!! Did you miss the part where I said my stomach does not work?! Calling the gastro will do no good. And going to the ER? That is just ridiculous. Why am I going to pay a bunch of money only to be told sorry we can’t help you and to be looked at as drug seeker. (Which BTW like I said I don’t take my pain pills unless the pain is so bad I cave in). Going into the ER if you are in pain of any sort, you are already labeled as a drug seeker. I got news for you ER peeps, I’m not! Stop labeling patients based off what you THINK you know.

I sit here looking around my house at what needs to be cleaned. I will take on one room a day. No more. If go past that my body will rebel and I will be in more pain. Would I love to clean my whole house when no one is home? Of course. But in reality the way I feel at the moment, no good will come of me cleaning like a OCD person. It’s taken me a while to learn to listen to my body and accept the fact that this is my new life now. Gastroparesis is a whole new beast compared to Celiac. Celiac seems like a walk in the park compared to gastroparesis, EOE and a non-functioning gallbladder.

But I was born with these lovely genes. This shitty DNA. At this point in my life I am convinced now more than ever that I am adopted. No one else has a damn thing wrong with them in my family. Not my parents, not my sister. No one. Just me. I’ll just be hanging out on the couch, with my ginger chews, Zofran, and gluten-free crackers to nibble on…and ride out this gastroparesis wave, just like the last one.

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