3 kids. 1 Mom.

Do you Mama’s sometimes feel out numbered? In my house it’s 3:1 and I swear they know this so they push me just a bit farther than if my Husband was home.

I can never please all 3 of them or hell one of them for that matter. But I do have 3 kids in three different age groups and stages.

The 13-year-old girl : 7 more years (I can do this)

The 9-year-old girl : help me the hormones are raging!!!!

The 6-year-old boy :He’s more emotional than the two girls put together. (How is this even possible?!?)

For instance this week my 13 year-old wanted to have a boy over on Friday. I laughed for a solid minute or two when she asked me. I said try asking me in two years. 15, that’s the rule. If you don’t like it, well, I suggest you find a new family then. No boys till 15, bottom line. Period.

I then went on to tell her she can have her girlfriends over as we do pizza night on Friday. They are more than welcome to come over, as long as their parents pick them up. I am not a taxi driver and often lately have felt like one driving everyone else’s kids around. But alas, crisis averted, I calmed the teenager down. Friends will be coming over. All is well…for her.

My 9-year-old hears that her older sister is having friends over. All hell breaks loose. I told her that for the past almost 3 years now I have tried to meet a handful of girls Mothers, and they are always too busy during the week & weekend to meet me. I’m not asking to hang out with these women, I simply want to meet them so I KNOW who my child will be around and use my Mom judgement if I feel she will be safe going over to their houses. Seems simple enough right? WRONG. Maybe in this day in age kids don’t hang like they used to or parents are just too afraid to let their kids hang out with anyone. Which I understand completely. But I’ve tried a million times to meet these Moms, and it’s just not happening. I apologize to mini glam over and over again because I do feel bad the parents won’t meet me so she can have friends over. I then said she could make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies Friday night. She was instantly over the fact that she couldn’t have friends over. Whew.

My son, who really isn’t at that age he wants to have friends over yet really didn’t care. His friends are usually the firefighters kids. My Husband will take him to go have play dates with all the boys.  So that works out for me. He takes off to have a boy day and I take my girls out.

Lately I just can’t seem to please my son. The last couple days when he brings me his lunch box to clean I’ve noticed his sandwich hasn’t been eaten. I ask him why he is not eating his sandwich and he says he doesn’t like it. I reminded him he told me he ONLY wanted cheese sandwiches for lunch with the crust cut off. That’s what he has asked for since August. Until now. I told him to simply tell me what he would like in his lunch box and I will gladly get that for him at the store when I grocery shop. That wasn’t the answer he wanted. He stormed off and started crying. While I just stood at the kitchen sink counting to ten because I was about to loose my Mom cool. (As I write this he comes up to ask for animal crackers, I told him I am about to make dinner, but he is allowed to have only two, ‘WHY TWO’ he yells and runs away crying) I can’t win with him lately. I have no idea if this is a new stage, but I don’t like it and I hope it ends soon.

Motherhood isn’t easy as you ladies know. What sets your kids off? What do you deal with on a daily or weekly basis that just doesn’t make them happy no matter what you do?



One thought on “3 kids. 1 Mom.

  1. Jen Jose says:

    I went through a phase of not eating any sandwiches. It happened in like 3rd or 4th grade. So maybe he just hit it earlier? My mom used to flip when I brought my food back lol. And when she asked why I didn’t eat it, I said I don’t know haha. I was such a brat

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