10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

One of my most favorite day of the week is date night with my Husband. It’s one on one time without interrupting kids, work phone calls, or the phone in general. Seriously, we both put our phones away. The only important people who need to get ahold of us are our sitter we have for the evening, which is usually my Mom. The phone stays behind!

Over the years we have grown to love the simple, cheap and fun date nights. Everyone once in a blue moon we will go all out to get dressed up for a nice dinner date at The Melting Pot, and when I mean once in a blue moon, it’s more like once every 4 years. We just like simple. So here are 10 cheap & fun date night ideas :

  1. At Home Date – Drop the kids of with their sitter & go right back home for a couple of hours of alone time, quiet time, and just time spent at home kid free. I’ve told my Mom several times we’re going out to dinner or a movie, only to come right back home. It’s your alone time, no one said you had to tell your Mom (even as an adult) what you are doing!
  2. Beach At Night – What is better than the beach at night with the love of your life? Grab a bottle of champagne, latte or coffee and go cuddle on the beach.
  3. Couples Date Night – Grab some of your other married friends that are in desperate need of a night out and some adult time. Host something at your house, again dropping the kids off at the sitter, go see a movie, or maybe even some putt-putt golf!
  4. One Night Getaway – This one is my personal favorite. Just that one afternoon, evening and overnight away does wonders for not only Mama’s sanity but it helps you reconnect with your spouse. We love to stay at any of the Universal Orlando resorts because everything is right there, the bus or water taxi takes you to City Walk and back. Doesn’t get any easier than that. You can save up over time for this one, stuff away a little each paycheck!
  5. Kayaking At Sunset – Super romantic right? As long as someone doesn’t tip the kayak, you should be golden! Check out Groupon for awesome savings. One 2-hour kayak session sometimes equals what you would pay for going out to dinner. But kayaking is something different and fun to do together! Just don’t tip the kayak…
  6. Couples Massage – Again this is another one where you can check out Groupon for some amazing deals on a couples massage. They had a special for Valentine’s Day at a local massage place that was $50 for a 1-hour couples massage with wine.
  7. Blueberry/Strawberry Picking – I usually take the kids, but who says you can’t turn this into a day date?! Picking fresh fruit off of a farm is usually much cheaper than the grocery store.
  8. Nature Walk – Where we live in Florida there is a wildlife sanctuary that has about 4-5 different trails that are all different distances. When the weather is perfect & the heat isn’t crazy it is so peaceful and calming to walk those trails. Plus it’s free!
  9. Matinee Movie – 9 times out of 10 we usually make sure we see a movie around 4pm.  We buy our own candy and the dollar store & sneak it in (Oh, I’m so bad!) & usually just get drinks. You all know how quickly a movie can go from to cheap to expensive.
  10. Dinner or dessert At Home  – Another personal favorite of mine. It is simple but yet so enjoyable. Be it dinner or dessert or both, you can’t beat this one. No one to tip, no worrying about cross contamination with your gluten-free food, AND you can wear your pajamas! 😉

What are your favorite date nights? What was your best date night you or your spouse planned?



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