How I Can Pay Off Medical Bills While Being A SAHM


How I Can Pay Off Medical Bills While Being A SAHM

As you all know there are tons and tons of scams on the internet promising you all the money in the world just working from home. You can fall victim to it very easily if you don’t do your research.

A couple of months back I read a post on Pinterest and it really motivated me to become a working SAHM. I can still be home, base my work around the kid’s school schedule and be able to take care of them during their breaks, when they get sick etc.

I researched for weeks and weeks. After I would pin something on Pinterest about working at home and the company that offered work, I would write it all down, and then research each company before I signed up for anything. 

Since September I have racked up quite a bit in medical bills and feel horrible for letting all of that fall on my Husband, I had to figure out a way to pay off these bills and not ask my Husband to help do it. Could he help? Sure. BUT I want to pay off my medical debt. It’s a pride thing.

I signed up for User Testing after reading several amazing reviews on this company. What you basically do is speak into your computer or phone and give the review of a site you are asked to review. If you don’t like to speak, then this wouldn’t be for you.

You get paid on a weekly basis via Pay Pal. They pay you exactly on the time you finished your test the week before. Some weeks there are several tests to complete, some like this past week there was nothing. It is all based upon your demographics and if you fit what they need at that time.

For the month of February alone I made an extra $50. Not bad right? I split up what I make each week, pay $10 towards the lowest medical bill, and then once that is paid off I continue on to the next lowest medical bill, and repeat until it is paid off.

I also use Erli Bird and You Eye. These sites you have to do video and voice. If you are camera-shy this isn’t the job for you. These I have noticed aren’t so consistent in pay as User Testing.

This post was not sponsored at all & I receive zero compensation for sharing these links. I just wanted to pass along how I am able to make a side income to pay off medical bills in hopes that I might be able to help you guys!  Each day I am finding new websites to work for. Be it user testing or some other side hustle that I am doing (That’s another blog post) I love being able to do this. I can pay off my medical debt and once that is paid off help pay for my braces & my daughters. Then stash it away for some play money for vacation!

What work at home jobs do you do? What have you found works the best/least?



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