Strep Throat Saga

This week cabin fever has struck more times than once. Monday started off with bang.

Little dude started off complaining of feeling like he was going to throw up and by that afternoon he was running a fever. Every hour after that his temperature kept rising.

I started rotating Tylenol & Motrin and put him in a lukewarm bath with some epsom salts to hopefully bring the fever down. No such luck. 

By dinner time he was totally out of it due to the fever, no appetite and zero energy.

We were up most of the night to the wee early hours of the morning because he woke up throwing up. Call it a Mothers instinct, but I set up his old toddler bed next to our bed so I could keep an ear out for him during the night. Given his fever and I had a gut feeling he would be throwing up. Sure as shit I woke up before the vomit fest. (Gross I know, but this is Motherhood & it isn’t pretty sometimes).

Tuesday morning I fell back sleep at about 5am and we get up at 6:30am for school. My Husband who didn’t stay up but for 5 mins with my son to my many hours awake tapped me several times to make me get up for the girls. EXCUSE ME?!? I swear it brought out rage I never thought was possible, but due to lack of sleep and him feeling as if I was the only capable parent to get up to get the girls ready for school and make just ONE lunch just for mini glam, I was not the nicest person in the world. I am sure you Mama’s can totally relate.

That morning was spent cleaning several sheets & clothes from my sons accidents. Folding loads of laundry. Disinfecting everything in the house and the van. And of course cleaning up vomit off of the floors & walls since he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time.

As mad as I was at my Husband for that annoying tap to wake me up I was grateful he was off work to help out with our girls and was able to get them from school so I didn’t have to drag my son out with a bucket in his lap in the van.

It was a rough couple of hours for him as the fever took control of his little body. I had hard time persuading him to drink and even chew on some ice chips. I was worried we would have to make a trip to the ER which is the LAST place I wanted him to be.

I gave him some Surf Sweet jelly beans that I had and some soda. That was the first thing he was able to hold down. After that the vomiting stopped but the fever still stuck around. I kept checking him for a rash (a sign of strep throat). I checked his throat it looked clear & he never complained of a sore throat. I just thought he had a 24 hour bug and it would soon pass.

Wednesday morning he woke up and I asked if he was ok to go to school and he ignored me (or so I thought). I asked him again and he looked at me with a blank stare and just replied ‘huh?’. He couldn’t hear me due to fluid in his ears. Or as he called it being ‘fluffy’ instead of stuffy.  I finished helping getting my girls ready for school & during that time my son fell asleep. I decided it was time to call the Doctors office and have him checked out.

I also realized that morning I hadn’t taken a shower in 3 days. Such class, I know. Again, I am sure you ladies can relate.

When we got to the doctor’s office as the nurse was taking his vitals, she asked if I had noticed the rash on his body. I gave her a bewildered look because I had checked him over multiple times since Monday and he had no rash. In just one hour after I helped him get dressed, a short trip to Target and then sitting at the docs office, he had a full-blown rash on his chest, back and legs.

They of course swabbed his nose and throat to check for flu & strep. I had to bribe him to do the throat culture. My girls have never been scared or hesitant when they go to the doctor, but with my son it is the complete opposite. Swabs obtained. He was positive for strep.

The doctor said he needed to be out of school until Thursday since he was contagious till he had been on the antibiotics for 24 hours and he could go back to school Friday. Given how he is still touch & go and the poor thing still has really no energy, Mama made the executive decision to just keep him out Friday too. He’s never been this sick and it has wiped him out good. I would rather him rest up and be 100% on Monday morning.

We are both running on a lack of sleep. He has slept in our room since Monday night and of course I wake up anytime he moves or makes a sound.  He wakes up hot & thirsty from his fever. During the day he is napping often which is great so his little body can heal itself. I’ve tried to sleep when he is sleeping but I can’t. I either can’t sleep because I know stuff has to be done around the house or by the time my chores are done it’s time to get my girls. The struggle is real ladies. It’s hitting me hard but Starbucks has been my saving grace for my lattes and as well as my homemade espresso machine for my shots of espresso.

I am crossing my fingers that no one else in the house gets strep. I am still baffled since it didn’t present as normal strep, since he never once complained about a sore throat. Apparently the word on the medical street is that several people locally have tested positive for strep with no typical strep symptoms.

Only 6 weeks left of school. I pray we make it with no more germs. But at least as my son goes into First Grade next year he will have a great immunity built up from the 10 times he has been sick this year!

Excuse me while I now have to help him as diarrhea has struck from the antibiotics. Is 2pm too early for shots of tequila????




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