Why I enjoy blogging (the second time around)

When I first became Glam Without Gluten in 2012, my entire blog was related to celiac disease. I often put too much pressure on myself with every social media outlet I had, which lead to a burn out and I walked away from it all. I didn’t need to justify my reasons to anyone but myself. It just simply wasn’t making me happy anymore.

This time around it’s totally different. One night I thought you know what why not start blogging again. But with a new approach :

  • I won’t limit myself to just talking about my chronic illnesses. I limited myself with my previous blog only talking about Celiac Disease. There’s more to me than being gluten-free.
  • I won’t put pressure on myself to have so many blog posts in a week or a month for that matter. If I have an idea, great. If not, no sleep lost.
  • I will blog about all aspects of my life. I refuse to let Celiac define me and quite frankly I didn’t want to be a Celiac advocate again.
  • If it no longer becomes fun, then I leave it. That simple.
  • Only work on my blog when the kids are at school or doing homework. Never work on it at night, my mind is mush at that time anyway.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I don’t have any blog post ideas. It happens. Life doesn’t mean it’s ending because of it.
  • Just be me. Write in the moment.

Small simple little things this time around. I am in no competition with anyone, and I wasn’t before. This approach has made it much more enjoyable for myself. I’ve actually found it quite therapeutic on my bad days.

If you blog why did you get started? What is your favorite thing about blogging?




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Mini Glam Reviews : Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch Flavor

Hello gluten-free world! Today I am reviewing Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch flavor.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I saw the bag I immediately wanted to try it because they had the ranch flavor. I LOVE ranch.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

As I tried the ranch flavored chip, I spit it out. I did not like the flavor at all. When I think of ranch flavor I think of the Doritos ranch. This chip tastes nothing like ranch to me. I really wanted to like  it, but I did not. My Mom agrees with me too, no go on these chips for us!

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I have had Beanitos chips in the past and thought they would taste just as good. We let everyone in our house try them, and no one liked them. For me I think it was the bean flavor that get you when you first bite into the chip. The ranch isn’t so much of a ranch. It’s really hard to describe the flavor of it.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

This was not a good taste test for me. I will keep searching for the perfect gluten-free chip. Once I find that chip I will be sure to review it here.



Mini Glam Reviews : Goodie Girl Cookies Gluten-Free Crunchy Chaos

Hello world, it’s me again! Today I am going to review Goodie Girl Gluten-Free cookies. I have previously tried Goodie Girls Gluten-Free Cookies thin mints. The other day when we were shopping at The Fresh Market the packaging for this flavor of cookie caught my eye.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I opened the bag I thought I was going to see the marshmallows right away on the cookie but, I did not. There were no marshmallows, even though the bag showed the little marshmallows floating around the cookie. One thing I did realize when I picked up the bag, was that it had caramel in it.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I tried the cookie for the first time I did not like it. I didn’t like it because the caramel added a weird taste with the chocolate chips. The cookie was also very hard. I felt like I was going to break a tooth. I actually ended up spitting the cookie into a tissue.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Then when I tried it a second time a week or so later, it tasted different to me. This time it tasted better because I didn’t take a big bite out of it, I took smaller bites and tried to really taste the cookie. You can really taste the caramel, but still no marshmallows. When you look on the back of the bag it even has marshmallow as listed as an ingredient.

Overall after my second taste test, I thought the cookie was amazing. But it is still very hard, so I recommend maybe having it with a glass of milk to dip in! I would like to go back to The Fresh Market again to see what other flavors this brand has to offer.

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Mini Glam Reviews Gluten-Free Foods, From A Child’s POV

Over the weekend I thought about adding something new to the blog allowing mini glam to be apart of it! I thought you know what ,getting a child’s opinion on certain gluten-free foods would be something different and fun! 

Since mini glam, at 9 years old, has Celiac as well, I thought why not let her review some gluten-free foods for the blog. This past Saturday her and I went out in search of ‘research’ as we called it. She will do the talking, I do the typing 🙂

Hello world, it’s me mini glam. I thought I would share with you my opinion on these amazing crackers that I found this past Saturday.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I have never tried the Gratify gluten-free brand before. When I was searching the isles for new gluten-free foods, this box caught my eye. The jeans are what actually caught my eye first, then the crackers. I thought what do jeans have do to with crackers. There were two flavors available : Tuscan herb & everything.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I chose the Tuscan herb flavor because the way the packaging looked. I thought all the flavors would come together with all of the different spices in the cracker.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I looked on the back of the box, I saw the crackers dipped in tomato sauce so it made me think how it would taste dipped in the tomato sauce or with cheese on top.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

After we got home I decided to grab some cheese squares and experiment. The cracker itself almost tasted like a gluten filled breadstick, but it’s not. It is very flavorful. You can taste all the spices together which are pretty amazing.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I first looked at the cracker on the box I thought the size of the cracker was going to be pretty small. But, when I took them out of the box they were pretty big!

These crackers will go great with tomato soup. Which is my favorite! They will also make a great snack during the day. I love my cheese & gluten-free crackers!

If I were to rate the crackers from 1-10, I would rate it a 10 because it is full of flavor(s), the crackers aren’t dry, and for the first time trying the Gratify brand I think it tastes amazing.

Gratify gluten-free crackers were found at a local health food store in Florida. 

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How I became Glam Without Gluten

Chances are when you read or hear someone say “Glam Without Gluten” your first thought is wow she must really be into herself & holy shit she’s so narcissistic (Or you don’t think anything at all and could really give two hoots who the hell I am)  I am quite the opposite of being really into myself & a narcissistic little biotch. I’m extremely self conscious and doubt my makeup choices sometimes.

In 2008, the same year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was working as a medical assistant at a local OB/GYN office. One day in the office a drug rep brought in bagels/donuts for the entire office. I of course could not have any. I just puckered out my bottom lip and had a small pity party for myself when my co-worker at the time looked at me and said “It’s Ok Chrissy! Don’t you worry girl you will always be glam without gluten”.   Continue reading

Review : Gluten-Free On A Budget cook book by Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer

Close your eyes and think back to before you were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. What favorite dish do you miss the most? What baked good do you miss with a passion?

This cookbook will bring you back to feeling normal again. Feeling as if you haven’t missed a thing since going gluten-free.

Chandice & Tana have complied several amazing dishes from both of their kitchens to create this amazing must-have cookbook. All without breaking the bank! Continue reading

Review : Gluten-Free Krusty Burger at Universal Orlando

Missing a good burger? A good gluten-free burger that is of course! Look no further, Krusty Burger is here!

Inside these two pink doors is the most delicious gluten-free burger in all of the gluten-free land. No, really, it IS that good.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten at Universal Orlando

We went to Universal Orlando on a Thursday evening during Grinchmas. When it was time for dinner we made sure to go eat while the Macy’s parade was still in session to avoid the crowds at Krusty Burger.  As you can see when we went it was dead. Continue reading