Fancy Valentine’s Day Dinner


Let’s rewind back to February 2012. My Husband and I wanted to go out to dinner for Valentine’s  Day, but we couldn’t find a sitter, or a place that was safe for me to eat. We said forget all of that why not do a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner at home! I would cook a safe dinner, everyone would dress up fancy, we can enjoy being at home and not among the chaos.

That’s what we have done for the past 4 years. One year Hubby worked at the Fire Department for Valentine’s Day but I continued our tradition on with the kids. They have really grown to love this simple yet fun idea and look forward to it weeks in advance. Between planning their own menu, the decor (which we slacked on this year, no big deal), and getting dressed up they love our fancy dinner.

This year I started off with a MUCH needed drink. I honestly just threw together whatever I had on hand which was Sprite Zero, grenadine, a splash of Malibu coconut rum & peach schnapps. I lined the rim with red sugar sprinkles which turned out to taste horrible and not like sugar. I obviously did not give this to my kids, they got Shirley Temples!


Dinner was nice and simple. Steak, shrimp, heart-shaped baked potatoes and bacon roses. Which as you can see do not look like roses, I forgot the skewers at the store. But no one complained of course because, bacon.


Our dessert was gluten-free red velvet cake. I love the fact that I put beets in this cake and everyone still eats it! Cake with some sneaky veggies in there!


I must admit we did not dress up this year. Yes, it defeats the whole fancy part of the dinner BUT honestly after a long day all of us had and me with my persistent gallbladder pain, I did not feel like slipping into a dress. I just wanted to be comfortable when I ate. The kids and Hubby were on board thank goodness.

We enjoyed our meal, our delicious cake, giving our homemade Valentines to each other and giving my Husband his goodie bag. It was a nice, simple, cheap, and relaxing night at home. Followed by a GREAT season premiere of The Walking Dead!

What traditions do you have for Valentines Day?