10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

10 Cheap & Fun Date Night Ideas

One of my most favorite day of the week is date night with my Husband. It’s one on one time without interrupting kids, work phone calls, or the phone in general. Seriously, we both put our phones away. The only important people who need to get ahold of us are our sitter we have for the evening, which is usually my Mom. The phone stays behind!

Over the years we have grown to love the simple, cheap and fun date nights. Everyone once in a blue moon we will go all out to get dressed up for a nice dinner date at The Melting Pot, and when I mean once in a blue moon, it’s more like once every 4 years. We just like simple. So here are 10 cheap & fun date night ideas :

  1. At Home Date – Drop the kids of with their sitter & go right back home for a couple of hours of alone time, quiet time, and just time spent at home kid free. I’ve told my Mom several times we’re going out to dinner or a movie, only to come right back home. It’s your alone time, no one said you had to tell your Mom (even as an adult) what you are doing!
  2. Beach At Night – What is better than the beach at night with the love of your life? Grab a bottle of champagne, latte or coffee and go cuddle on the beach.
  3. Couples Date Night – Grab some of your other married friends that are in desperate need of a night out and some adult time. Host something at your house, again dropping the kids off at the sitter, go see a movie, or maybe even some putt-putt golf!
  4. One Night Getaway – This one is my personal favorite. Just that one afternoon, evening and overnight away does wonders for not only Mama’s sanity but it helps you reconnect with your spouse. We love to stay at any of the Universal Orlando resorts because everything is right there, the bus or water taxi takes you to City Walk and back. Doesn’t get any easier than that. You can save up over time for this one, stuff away a little each paycheck!
  5. Kayaking At Sunset – Super romantic right? As long as someone doesn’t tip the kayak, you should be golden! Check out Groupon for awesome savings. One 2-hour kayak session sometimes equals what you would pay for going out to dinner. But kayaking is something different and fun to do together! Just don’t tip the kayak…
  6. Couples Massage – Again this is another one where you can check out Groupon for some amazing deals on a couples massage. They had a special for Valentine’s Day at a local massage place that was $50 for a 1-hour couples massage with wine.
  7. Blueberry/Strawberry Picking – I usually take the kids, but who says you can’t turn this into a day date?! Picking fresh fruit off of a farm is usually much cheaper than the grocery store.
  8. Nature Walk – Where we live in Florida there is a wildlife sanctuary that has about 4-5 different trails that are all different distances. When the weather is perfect & the heat isn’t crazy it is so peaceful and calming to walk those trails. Plus it’s free!
  9. Matinee Movie – 9 times out of 10 we usually make sure we see a movie around 4pm.  We buy our own candy and the dollar store & sneak it in (Oh, I’m so bad!) & usually just get drinks. You all know how quickly a movie can go from to cheap to expensive.
  10. Dinner or dessert At Home  – Another personal favorite of mine. It is simple but yet so enjoyable. Be it dinner or dessert or both, you can’t beat this one. No one to tip, no worrying about cross contamination with your gluten-free food, AND you can wear your pajamas! 😉

What are your favorite date nights? What was your best date night you or your spouse planned?


Why I enjoy blogging (the second time around)

When I first became Glam Without Gluten in 2012, my entire blog was related to celiac disease. I often put too much pressure on myself with every social media outlet I had, which lead to a burn out and I walked away from it all. I didn’t need to justify my reasons to anyone but myself. It just simply wasn’t making me happy anymore.

This time around it’s totally different. One night I thought you know what why not start blogging again. But with a new approach :

  • I won’t limit myself to just talking about my chronic illnesses. I limited myself with my previous blog only talking about Celiac Disease. There’s more to me than being gluten-free.
  • I won’t put pressure on myself to have so many blog posts in a week or a month for that matter. If I have an idea, great. If not, no sleep lost.
  • I will blog about all aspects of my life. I refuse to let Celiac define me and quite frankly I didn’t want to be a Celiac advocate again.
  • If it no longer becomes fun, then I leave it. That simple.
  • Only work on my blog when the kids are at school or doing homework. Never work on it at night, my mind is mush at that time anyway.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I don’t have any blog post ideas. It happens. Life doesn’t mean it’s ending because of it.
  • Just be me. Write in the moment.

Small simple little things this time around. I am in no competition with anyone, and I wasn’t before. This approach has made it much more enjoyable for myself. I’ve actually found it quite therapeutic on my bad days.

If you blog why did you get started? What is your favorite thing about blogging?




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Expectation Vs. Reality Of A Viral Video


Screenshot taken by Glam Without Gluten via Facebook

Last November I had a video that went viral. It was the most unusual experience of my life to say the least. One night several friends & family texted both my Husband and I saying that my video was all over Facebook. I was confused because I had put the video up 2 years before and had no idea why then it went viral. I still to this day don’t understand how a viral video happens. It just does. Then the next thing you know Nicki Minaj is posting it on her Facebook page and you fall out of your chair when you see that because it is a very surreal experience.

Here are some things of expectations vs. reality of a viral video :

  • Ellen doesn’t automatically call you. Neither does local or national news stations.
  • You will not be recognized in public. We have been to Universal, Disney and Sea World since our video has gone viral, and not one person has looked at us and has said “OMG, you guys are the one with the viral video”.
  • Your family has no idea what a viral video means and will tell you that you won’t get your 15 minutes of fame. For the record, I never wanted my 15 minutes of fame, that’s not who I am.
  • People think you will make tons of money from one viral video. I’m not Jenna Marbles. I don’t have 15 million subscribers on my channel and don’t make videos weekly that get 1-2 million views per week. If I did, then my financial situation would be a wee bit different.
  • Not everyone will have lovely comments to say about your video. Luckily I have thick skin. The amount of negativity that comes from a completely harmless video still astonishes me. I was even blamed  for someone being single.
  • Facebook views far exceed those of YouTube (approx. 100M views to date on Facebook combined from all the pages who shared the video) and Facebook reaps the financial gain on that one. Nice, isn’t it?
  • I didn’t ‘fake’ my reaction or my Husbands reaction in the video. I simply set up the video camera to capture it for friends and family. I hadz zero intentions of it ever going viral, because again I have no clue how in the heck to do that in the first place.
  • Local newspapers won’t be emailing you or knocking down your door.
  • People will pick apart every other video that you have posted on YouTube. Harmless videos that are meant to help people with Celiac Disease, turns into me being a bitch? I forgot that the whole internet knew me personally. That’s right they don’t.
  • Your Husbands co-workers will see all of your other YouTube videos and at work parties people will say to you ‘I saw your video on the internet and loved it’ automatically making others whip their head around so quick because they instantly think you pulled a Kim K. & Ray J.
  • One of your children will be upset that they were not called to go on Ellen or any other talk show, because SHE wanted her 15 minutes of fame. I then tell her to graduate high school then focus on becoming an actress if she so choses 9 years from now.
  • Stupid comments make the best reading material at night that gets you right in your giggle box.

In the end you relish in the fact that Nicki Minaj saw your video ( I would have preferred Channing Tatum), enjoy the little bit of attention & confusion you got from family & friends, celebrate 10 years of marriage (this past June), and you move on…to plot another viral video. Chrissy


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Friendship Over The Years


As far back as I can remember I was a social butterfly since I was in preschool. Fast forward to now, not so much actually quite the opposite.

When you are younger everyone is your best friend. You just grab one person & they are your BFF-4-Life, which we all know now not to be true. I take that back, some women are still best friends with their childhood friends. For me, that’s not the case. Continue reading

My hopes for you in 2016

2016 New Year celebration display with the date outlined with fiery sparklers in green and blue on a black background

My hopes you for in 2016 :

  • I hope that you love with all that you have, never let a single day go by without telling those in your life that you love their faces off.
  • I hope that you learn that’s it’s ok to say ‘No’ when someone asks you to do something, and not feel guilty about it.
  • I hope you learn that those who talk about you are just trying to pick apart your life because they are unhappy in theirs.
  • I hope you have random days where you just say to hell with it all and go somewhere fun. Live in the moment.
  • I hope that your health gets better or you finally find the answers you are looking for regarding your health and that you can move forward with a plan!
  • I hope that you ALWAYS make date nights for you and your Husband. No matter how tired both of you are, no matter how much you don’t want to leave the baby or kids at home, and no matter how much Mom guilt you feel, DO IT ANYWAY! Your spouse came before your kids and will be there after all of your kids are grown up and have moved out.
  • I hope that you go to bed every night with a smile on your face. May I suggest Pinterest & search for Auto Correct Fails. It gets me in the giggle box every time I need a good laugh.
  • I hope that you learn to go in public without makeup on. Not everyone has a glam team behind them, this isn’t Hollywood, and paparazzi won’t be following you around. It will be ok, I promise.
  • I hope that you learn something new that you always wanted to try but were always afraid to do it. Let go and live. 
  • I hope that you know its ok to be mad, sad, angry, & pissed off as a parent but know these day’s won’t last forever.
  • I hope that you stop apologizing for being sick. Did you pick these chronic illnesses? No! Don’t apologize for something that was beyond your control in the first place.
  • I hope that you always make time for yourself. Being a Mother is challenging and one of the toughest jobs a woman can have, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your time to your little angels. Go get a pedicure, manicure, sit at the beach or park and just be in the moment enjoying the peace and quiet, grab a friend to go walk & talk or grab a coffee/tea.
  • I hope that you set aside time to shower in peace, your Husband can, so you deserve it too!
  • I hope that Zofran and Phenergan help you on your worst days, maybe even some Tummy Drops or ginger chews and a nice heating pad.
  • I hope that when you are in a horrible mood in the van you turn on some music that made you feel alive. Turn that radio up, sing to the top of your lungs, and get your jam session on in that van!! No shame ladies, NO shame!! (Wave hello & smile to those who stare)
  • I hope that during family events the same family members stop asking you why you aren’t eating or are eating out of a Hello Kitty lunch box after all these years (decades even) you have already explained to them that you have Celiac Disease.
  • I hope that you stop comparing yourself to other women who are in Hollywood who you think are prefect and feel like you need to look just like them. It is all smoke and mirrors & you don’t know how they truly feel about themselves.
  • I hope that you stop comparing yourself to women on Instagram. Tell yourself that you ARE enough! Stop comparing yourself to strangers.
  • I hope that fireworks only happen during actual holidays and not on random nights at 11pm and you think there were several shots fired.
  • I hope that when your gastroparesis is a jerk, you listen to your body and rest. Don’t fight it.
  • I hope that you take a family vacation that you have been putting off for so long.
  • I hope that you pay it forward. In the world we live in now, something so little can mean so much to just one person.
  • I hope that the baby food & liquid diet you are on doesn’t last forever, but is tasty! Popsicles included!!
  • I hope that you don’t beat yourself up about your New Years resolutions if you fail in the first week, or month. You’re human. Brush it off and move forward.
  • I hope that if you are raising a teenager, may the odds be ever in your favor.
  • I hope that you learn your house with children will never be perfectly clean, your true friends won’t care, because their house looks exactly the same as yours and they don’t judge you!
  • I hope that you learn it’s ok to outgrow someone or cut ties with them because they are toxic to you, this is your life, not theirs.
  • And last but not least, I hope you stick around here at Glam Without Gluten, I’m just getting started 😉




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