3 kids. 1 Mom.

Do you Mama’s sometimes feel out numbered? In my house it’s 3:1 and I swear they know this so they push me just a bit farther than if my Husband was home.

I can never please all 3 of them or hell one of them for that matter. But I do have 3 kids in three different age groups and stages.

The 13-year-old girl : 7 more years (I can do this)

The 9-year-old girl : help me the hormones are raging!!!!

The 6-year-old boy :He’s more emotional than the two girls put together. (How is this even possible?!?) Continue reading

Mini Glam Reviews : Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch Flavor

Hello gluten-free world! Today I am reviewing Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch flavor.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I saw the bag I immediately wanted to try it because they had the ranch flavor. I LOVE ranch.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

As I tried the ranch flavored chip, I spit it out. I did not like the flavor at all. When I think of ranch flavor I think of the Doritos ranch. This chip tastes nothing like ranch to me. I really wanted to like  it, but I did not. My Mom agrees with me too, no go on these chips for us!

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I have had Beanitos chips in the past and thought they would taste just as good. We let everyone in our house try them, and no one liked them. For me I think it was the bean flavor that get you when you first bite into the chip. The ranch isn’t so much of a ranch. It’s really hard to describe the flavor of it.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

This was not a good taste test for me. I will keep searching for the perfect gluten-free chip. Once I find that chip I will be sure to review it here.



Gastroparesis, please stop…

Since this past Friday my gastroparesis has been acting like a damn fool. Friday when I went shopping I just sucked it up and dealt with it. Then over the weekend it just wouldn’t subside. Come Sunday my gallbladder decided to join the show and I was in so much pain I just laid on the couch crying. Same thing last night with the gallbladder pain in addition to the nausea from the gastroparesis. This time I caved and took a pain pill which I reserve for when I need to call Uncle & can no longer take the pain.

I had a consult with the surgeon months back, taking my non-functioning gallbladder out would not be in my cards. One because I have Celiac and two because of the gastroparesis. Right off the bat it just didn’t look good for me. Given that some patients have problems after they have their gallbladder removed anyway, I would likely be that patient to have more problems than I had before. I 100% trust the surgeon because when I used to work for a local OB/GYN we would refer our patients to him, and the Doctor I used to work for trusted his judgment. When it came time to see him I knew that he would have my best interest at heart and not just go jumping in to take my gallbladder out. He looked at all possible aspects and we both decided that taking it out was a no go. I respect his decision & understand, I just don’t like it. Mostly because well, the pain I deal with from it.  Continue reading

Mom Therapy

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went out for a day of retail therapy/Mom’s day out. It was much-needed on both our ends. She has a 4 month old at home and hasn’t been out with friends since her baby was born and I just had one of those weeks where everything just didn’t go right. Both of us said screw it let’s just leave and get out of the county!

As I have mentioned before Mom guilt can get you bad. Yesterday we both left it at the door in order for us to have a great day together. We said this is OUR day!!  Continue reading

Mini Glam Reviews : Goodie Girl Cookies Gluten-Free Crunchy Chaos

Hello world, it’s me again! Today I am going to review Goodie Girl Gluten-Free cookies. I have previously tried Goodie Girls Gluten-Free Cookies thin mints. The other day when we were shopping at The Fresh Market the packaging for this flavor of cookie caught my eye.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I opened the bag I thought I was going to see the marshmallows right away on the cookie but, I did not. There were no marshmallows, even though the bag showed the little marshmallows floating around the cookie. One thing I did realize when I picked up the bag, was that it had caramel in it.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I tried the cookie for the first time I did not like it. I didn’t like it because the caramel added a weird taste with the chocolate chips. The cookie was also very hard. I felt like I was going to break a tooth. I actually ended up spitting the cookie into a tissue.

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

Then when I tried it a second time a week or so later, it tasted different to me. This time it tasted better because I didn’t take a big bite out of it, I took smaller bites and tried to really taste the cookie. You can really taste the caramel, but still no marshmallows. When you look on the back of the bag it even has marshmallow as listed as an ingredient.

Overall after my second taste test, I thought the cookie was amazing. But it is still very hard, so I recommend maybe having it with a glass of milk to dip in! I would like to go back to The Fresh Market again to see what other flavors this brand has to offer.

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Expectation Vs. Reality Of A Viral Video


Screenshot taken by Glam Without Gluten via Facebook

Last November I had a video that went viral. It was the most unusual experience of my life to say the least. One night several friends & family texted both my Husband and I saying that my video was all over Facebook. I was confused because I had put the video up 2 years before and had no idea why then it went viral. I still to this day don’t understand how a viral video happens. It just does. Then the next thing you know Nicki Minaj is posting it on her Facebook page and you fall out of your chair when you see that because it is a very surreal experience.

Here are some things of expectations vs. reality of a viral video :

  • Ellen doesn’t automatically call you. Neither does local or national news stations.
  • You will not be recognized in public. We have been to Universal, Disney and Sea World since our video has gone viral, and not one person has looked at us and has said “OMG, you guys are the one with the viral video”.
  • Your family has no idea what a viral video means and will tell you that you won’t get your 15 minutes of fame. For the record, I never wanted my 15 minutes of fame, that’s not who I am.
  • People think you will make tons of money from one viral video. I’m not Jenna Marbles. I don’t have 15 million subscribers on my channel and don’t make videos weekly that get 1-2 million views per week. If I did, then my financial situation would be a wee bit different.
  • Not everyone will have lovely comments to say about your video. Luckily I have thick skin. The amount of negativity that comes from a completely harmless video still astonishes me. I was even blamed  for someone being single.
  • Facebook views far exceed those of YouTube (approx. 100M views to date on Facebook combined from all the pages who shared the video) and Facebook reaps the financial gain on that one. Nice, isn’t it?
  • I didn’t ‘fake’ my reaction or my Husbands reaction in the video. I simply set up the video camera to capture it for friends and family. I hadz zero intentions of it ever going viral, because again I have no clue how in the heck to do that in the first place.
  • Local newspapers won’t be emailing you or knocking down your door.
  • People will pick apart every other video that you have posted on YouTube. Harmless videos that are meant to help people with Celiac Disease, turns into me being a bitch? I forgot that the whole internet knew me personally. That’s right they don’t.
  • Your Husbands co-workers will see all of your other YouTube videos and at work parties people will say to you ‘I saw your video on the internet and loved it’ automatically making others whip their head around so quick because they instantly think you pulled a Kim K. & Ray J.
  • One of your children will be upset that they were not called to go on Ellen or any other talk show, because SHE wanted her 15 minutes of fame. I then tell her to graduate high school then focus on becoming an actress if she so choses 9 years from now.
  • Stupid comments make the best reading material at night that gets you right in your giggle box.

In the end you relish in the fact that Nicki Minaj saw your video ( I would have preferred Channing Tatum), enjoy the little bit of attention & confusion you got from family & friends, celebrate 10 years of marriage (this past June), and you move on…to plot another viral video. Chrissy


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Petri Dish Kids


So many germs!!

Germs are everywhere. You can’t escape them, as much as I want to put myself and my kids inside a bubble so we never get sick again, that’s just impossible & absurd. It would be nice though.

This past week our house got a virus. Mini Glam and my Husband were the only two immune. (damn them) My oldest first started out, followed by my son, and then myself. You KNOW that feeling when you are getting sick. It either starts off with a sore throat, a tickle in your throat, or that weird sensation in your nose. I went to bed with a sore throat and was like son of a beach ball. NO! Ain’t no Mama got time to be sick, because we don’t get sick days.

Now this year little dude has started Kindergarten. That means germ city! Each child is a little petri dish. I swear to you! It is almost February and he’s been sick over 7 times now. He even got the flu the second month of school. If you have kids you know that when they start school they have to get sick in order to become immune to other viruses. It’s like a right of passage. Welcome to school, here is 1,000 germs for the year, God speed.  Continue reading

DIY : Homemade Sugar Scrub

Months ago I made my Mom peppermint sugar scrub for her birthday. Ok, well almost a year ago now. She asks me bi-monthly for refills. I guess you can say she likes it. 🙂

I don’t have any fancy pictures for this post. I suck as a blogger, I know. I can’t compete with the masses. But alas one day I will have photography with every single post. 

Back to the scrub. It is easy as 1-2-3 to make. Less than 5 minutes.

  1. Grab a bowl.
  2. Get a bag of sugar you prefer.
  3. Grab your favorite essential oil.
  4. Pick out your favorite oil (coconut, olive oil, almond oil) this one is personal preference.
  5. Melt coconut oil, if that is what you chose.
  6. Pour 2 cups of sugar into bowl, add in oil, add desired amount of essential oil into the mix.
  7. Stir until well mixed.
  8. Pour in reusable container & enjoy or give away as a gift!

If your batch is too dry and you want a more wet scrub, then just add more oil. Again, it’s all personal preference. Same with the sugar that you chose.

I hope you enjoy this scrub as much as Mom and I have! I love using the different variety of essential oils depending on the season. Did you know they make a winter blend essential oil (found it at Marshall’s) and it smells like egg nog?!? It’s phenomenal .


Mini Glam Reviews Gluten-Free Foods, From A Child’s POV

Over the weekend I thought about adding something new to the blog allowing mini glam to be apart of it! I thought you know what ,getting a child’s opinion on certain gluten-free foods would be something different and fun! 

Since mini glam, at 9 years old, has Celiac as well, I thought why not let her review some gluten-free foods for the blog. This past Saturday her and I went out in search of ‘research’ as we called it. She will do the talking, I do the typing 🙂

Hello world, it’s me mini glam. I thought I would share with you my opinion on these amazing crackers that I found this past Saturday.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I have never tried the Gratify gluten-free brand before. When I was searching the isles for new gluten-free foods, this box caught my eye. The jeans are what actually caught my eye first, then the crackers. I thought what do jeans have do to with crackers. There were two flavors available : Tuscan herb & everything.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

I chose the Tuscan herb flavor because the way the packaging looked. I thought all the flavors would come together with all of the different spices in the cracker.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I looked on the back of the box, I saw the crackers dipped in tomato sauce so it made me think how it would taste dipped in the tomato sauce or with cheese on top.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

After we got home I decided to grab some cheese squares and experiment. The cracker itself almost tasted like a gluten filled breadstick, but it’s not. It is very flavorful. You can taste all the spices together which are pretty amazing.


Photo taken by Glam Without Gluten

When I first looked at the cracker on the box I thought the size of the cracker was going to be pretty small. But, when I took them out of the box they were pretty big!

These crackers will go great with tomato soup. Which is my favorite! They will also make a great snack during the day. I love my cheese & gluten-free crackers!

If I were to rate the crackers from 1-10, I would rate it a 10 because it is full of flavor(s), the crackers aren’t dry, and for the first time trying the Gratify brand I think it tastes amazing.

Gratify gluten-free crackers were found at a local health food store in Florida. 

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How To Have A Mom’s Night Out (And Enjoy It)

How To Have A-2

Chances are you are due, or rather overdue for a Mom’s Night Out. Your Husband has had several man dates over the last couple months and you just want to escape to have some much-needed girl time!

Leaving your littles is no easy task, as you ladies know. Mom guilt sets in. You question writing a detailed list for your Husband on each child on what they do, what they need, and where the extra baby wipes are in the house. Then you tell (convince) yourself that no, you really don’t need to go out the kids need you more than your friends do, you’ll be content on the couch , you don’t have anything to wear, and you tell yourself you are just too tired to go. Sound familiar?

PUMP THOSE BREAKS GIRL!! Contrary to what you may think, feel or believe, you DO deserve a night out. All Mom & Dads do!

Here’s a couple of steps to help you plan just a simple night out with your friend(s) :

  • If you are the Mom of older littles let your Mommy friend who has a baby at home pick the time you go out. Don’t make her stress about getting home late after the babies night-time routine, to make her plan out pumping, bottles, nursing, or writing a list for her Husband so he doesn’t have a meltdown. This is supposed to be a nice FUN night out, not stressful. Let her pick the time that works best for her.
  • Don’t ask your Husband to watch the kids, they are 50% his too! Rather ask if he has plans on such and such night, if not,  ask if he minds that you go out for a little bit with your girlfriend? Then remind him over and over until said date, men will and do forget! Even if its written on the calendar.
  • Drop the Mom guilt. My kiddos are 13, 9 and 6. It has taken me so long to drop the Mom guilt at the door when I leave or heck even before I get out of the house. Stick to your guns, you need this night out. Even if it’s for an hour or two.
  • Keep it simple. Pick a local place to go out for dinner or World of Beer just to have a glass (or two) of wine. It doesn’t have to be some fancy over the top dinner and you don’t have to travel an hour or so to do it.
  • If you are going out to eat, offering your Husband some food to-go might sweeten the deal on his end. 😉
  • Don’t get upset if your friend is running late. If you have kids, you will be late. As hard as you try to be on time. Just remember you have been in her shoes before too with a baby at home. Patience my dear, patience. 
  • If evening time doesn’t work for you, then try for a day date. Just sitting at a local coffee shop for an hour or two to de-stress works wonders for a Mom! Maybe even a nice mani/pedi? Or a walk on the beach!
  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy your friends company!! Stop looking at your phone, put it away! Your friend(s) came to hang out with you, not you and all of social media. Times like this, cherish them, laugh so hard your face & stomach hurt, and until you have tears coming down your face.

I know as a Mommy it’s hard to leave your littles. As mine have grown older it has become easier for me to leave them. Maybe because I have a teenage girl, a 9-year-old with hormones that are making her cry at the littlest of things, or my 6-year-old son who lately just wants my Husband & wants nothing to do with me.

Ladies, you DO matter. Being a Mom is hard work, being a working Mom is hard work, being a SAHM is hard work. Why not reward yourself for all of your hard work with a night out with your other Mommy friend who is in need a night out too?!
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